Relaunch of the ICCE (International Center for Clinical Excellence)


Yesterday we relaunched the International Center for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) a  web based community of behavioral health professionals dedicated to improving the quality and outcome of behavioral health services through Feedback Informed Treatment. The new site has a streamlined user interface and experience so the site is more intuitive and easier to navigate.

Key features are forum conversations, ability to subscribe and reply to conversations via email, ICCETV videos, extensive library of documents as well as the latest tools to help implement Feedback Informed Treatment. This is just the start, we plan to continue to add new features andwe value your feedback on how to keep improving the site so feel free to contact with your suggestions and questions.

Log in today! Join a forum. Start a conversation. Share a presentation or paper with others.


ACE Health partners with Athena Software to enable Feedback Informed Treatment for it’s customers

openFITAthenaIntegrationLogo Athena Software has partnered with ACE Health to integrate openFIT into it’s Case Management Solution Penelope According to Enda Madden, CEO of ACE Health

Providers who are using OpenFIT can easily and routinely solicit feedback from patients regarding their engagement with clinical services and their progress in treatment. This partnership with Athena, a global provider of case management software for health and social services extends our ability to enable providers implement Feedback Informed Treatment in their organizations.
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About Athena Software

Athena are a privately-owned company based in Canada’s Technology Triangle in Waterloo, Ontario. Their leading Case Management platform Penelope is a trusted solution for governments, police services, universities and international, national and state-wide health and social service organizations around the world. Penelope is used in all Australian states and territories, across the USA and Canada, and across the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, Greece, Turkey and Bermuda.

ACE Health partners with Checkware AS to deliver better outcomes for patients


ACE Health are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Checkware Clinical solutions to deliver the openFIT platform their customers throughout Scandanavia and Europe. The initial deployment is with Bufetat in Norway. The partnership will add the openFIT system to Checkwares comprehensive database and offers their customers greater choice.

The partnership will allow ACE Health to expand into the Scandanavian market.

Ace Health offers a range of tools designed to facilitate Feedback Informed Treatment.

About Checkware

CheckWare delivers eHealth solutions in an international market that automate the collection, scoring and storage of sensitive data. Health information for clinical use, research and the measurement of treatment effect are collected simultaneously in one software solution. Our users are managers, clinicians and researchers at private and public clinics.