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  • Outcome Measurement
    Across any device
    Achieve immediate benefits by allowing for patient reported
    data to be collected and used to improve patient engagement, improve
    performance and adhere to data collection regulation.
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    Engage patients using Feedback Informed Treatment
    mHealth App designed for patient use between face to face sessions
  • Why measure Outcomes?
    Dr. Scott D Miller, Ph.D. & ACE Health co-founder
    Scott explains the benefits of getting feedback from patients and how
    it as much as doubles the effectiveness of treatment while simultaneously
    reducing dropout, deterioration rates, and service delivery costs.
  • Case Study
    case management system integration
    Athena Software has partnered with the ACE Health to integrate Dr. Scott Miller's
    Partners for Change Outcome Management System (PCOMS) into Penelope their world leading
    flagship case management software.
Assessments Anywhere

Get rid of paper and legacy software. Automate the delivery and scoring of healthcare, psychological and wellbeing assessments before, during and post treatment.

Seamless Integration

A full set of APIs that allows data to be shared with almost any existing Case Management System, Electronic Health Record or Patient Management System.


Hosted on a secure HIPAA compliant environment and CE Certified to adhere to current and future data protection requirements.

Do you use questionnaires, scales and tests in a healthcare setting?

How it works

The openFIT software solution allows healthcare providers to easily and routinely solicit feedback from patients through existing clinical software or using the patients own mobile device.

Clinicians, case managers and healthcare executives can view aggregate data on treatment outcomes and quality for the whole clinic.

CE Certified

  • openFIT helps patients to self manage their chronic condition.
  • Empowers them as agents of accountability for their outcomes.

  • Administer questionnaires, scales and tests within the clinic, between treatment sessions or as part of clinical studies.
  • Free up more time to focus on helping your patients and clients.
  • Highlight the areas where you're excelling and direct towards areas to improve based using feedback.

  • Easily generate reports on clinician and agency quality.
  • Reduce the administrative overhead of submitting data to regulators & funders.
  • Reduce costs associated with poor patient engagement and overtreatment with inapropriate drugs and services.

  • Easy integration into your existing clinical software using the extensive set of web services.
  • Using openFIT and EHR data combined allows you to respond quickly to more of clinicians’ needs.


Capture self reported data from patients pre, post & during treatment inside or outside the healthcare setting on tablets, PCs, laptops, desktops, computers on wheels....


During treatment patients & clinicians can analyse data such as the patients expected treatment response & adjust treatment accordingly.


Inform, tailor, & improve service delivery by aggregating data by clinician & agency for benchmarking & better more targeted training & quality improvement.

Our Partners

We have worked with healthcare providers in over 7 countries helping engage patients in self management of their chronic condition.